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Rock and Roll will never die. But it might kill you.


Rock star Noah Hart has finally reclaimed his life after a secret but devastating childhood and the disintegration of his rock band, Last Call. With a successful solo tour under his belt and two years of sobriety, he's ready to put the past behind him. But when his former bandmates and business partners are murdered one by one, Noah's world is turned upside down, and the sexy man adored by millions of fans is suspect number one.


Enter Special Agent Louisa Hatheway, a seasoned FBI investigator assigned to the case in Nashville, Tennessee. Louisa carries her own secrets, including an undeniable infatuation with rock and roll’s bad boy, Noah Hart. As the body count rises and the investigation intensifies, Louisa finds herself torn between unraveling the truth and falling in love with a man who might just be the killer.


Navigating music, murder and secrets that will set them free or put them six feet under, Noah and Louisa must untangle their love and the dark hidden truth of their shared history—even if it kills them.


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