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She is only one. But what if one is all that’s needed?

Hospice Nurse Indie Luce has fallen in love. After caring for billionaire Lewis Thornbury until his final breath, she’s now engaged to marry the heir apparent of the GlobalTech empire, David Thornbury. But as the Divinely Marked Indie packs up her old life to begin anew, a sacred promise comes back to haunt her with vengeance. As an unrelenting spiritual battle unfolds in the shadows, the descendants of those like Indie find themselves persistently lured and ensnared as a relentless surge of Evil becomes an unstoppable force. With malevolent forces following her every step, what Indie doesn’t know about her family’s sacred covenant could tip the scales of good and evil.

If Evil prowls seeking someone to devour,  can one woman seek and save
that which is lost?



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