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Tossed from place to place since her mother and sister were hanged in Salem in 1692, Deliverance Parker has lived with a pox upon her head for three hundred and twenty-four years. A product of a misplaced lightning and thunder spell, Dee is caught in Mother Nature’s fury each time a storm kicks up. While tumbling from place to place, new life to new life, Deliverance is always looking, but never able to find the one thing that can break her spell—true love.


When a violent twister drops her into a Kentucky town filled with Witches and Shifters, she sets out to do the one thing that’s kept her happy over the centuries—bake. Opening the Beguiling Bakery, she’s greeted by new friends, but also an enemy as old as the oldest witch of them all--Mother Waterhouse.


Now fearing for her very life, she’ll cast a spell with the help of her mother’s oldest friend and her new found familiar, hoping an enchanted Kama Sutra Love Muffin will help bring her closer to her Shifter landlord—that is, before the man who’s tracked her for three centuries ends her existence.


Take one pound of sworn enemy, three cups of tears of old boyfriends—mix in a couple of scorching hot Shifter twins and a tangy familiar named Felix, and watch the icing melt.


When it comes to this witch, enchanted love isn’t a piece of cake.



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